“Mazdoor Mitra” ( meaning Friend of labourers in Hindi)


Ever since I was a child, I have seen daily wage labourers coming to a crossing (Called Labour Chawk) and some would get work while some would depart empty hand hopelessly.
Hence I am working on a System via which I can make Daily wage labourers and those who need them come closer than ever.
It will consist of a Local office in various locations and Labourers usually have feature phone(basic phone) hence they will call a toll free number and make themselves register in the morning when they need work. The requirement of labourer will come to us via a mobile application and we will forward it to the labourer. In the evening the labourer will return and get his share of the wage after cutting out the processing fee and our own charges.
This way this system is a sustainable model and can help to eradicate unemployment that persists in my country India.

I am alone in this battle as of now but I am pretty sure a noble cause gets noble people easily.

I am doing my research to find out how many labourers are genuinely in need of my solution and will they be willing to give us our commission.
Challenges ahead of me are – entering a space and market that is unexplored no one ever in India has done something of this kind but with every challenge, there is a greater opportunity and I am excited to that.