I’m  Tabish

  Creator of Rich N Rose

   Blogger | Digital Marketer  | Computer Engineer

I learned it very late but I don’t want others to commit the same mistake as I want you to become the best version of yourself and start to be happy all the time by having a balanced life that has all component in equal proportion.

That’s why I got inspired to create Rich N Rose – Fashion, Health, Money and Life.

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Fashion and Grooming

“How you look is what defines how people perceive you, Fashion is a way you speak without speaking a word”

Get inside to be the best dressed in the crowd.


Health and Fitness

Body and mind is a gift we have got from nature but most of us take it for granted. Not anymore, Get inside to be the fittest in the room and stop taking your body and mind for granted. 

Money and Financial Freedom

No one likes to be broke but ironically no one takes action to avoid being broke and financially dependent.

How to get that “Laptop Lifestyle”, that     “4 Hour work week” or get financially free early in life, The secret is inside. 

Life Coaching and Happiness

We run behind money and goals whole life and not for a second ask that “Am I Happy ?”.

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I am Mohammad Tabish

Hi, I’m Tabish, 

I am a content creator and I believe

 everything you wanna aquire in life 

can be learnt and over the time made

 perfect.I am basically a writer,

Digital Marketer and Computer engineer 

on a goal to inspire and make your 

lives better.

While writing has always been 

my passion and now through Rich’n’Rose

 I want to help youngsters like me in 

taking decisions about Fashion,Money 

and life.


No body is born as Tendulkar, Ronaldo or Steve Jobs every thing can be learned.

Help us to make you better